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Aloe gel

Choose soothing Aloe Vera Gel skin protecting and healing products, including: Tyco aloe gel from US Medical Supplies, Jericho Aloe Vera Gel, Natural Baviphat 90% pure aloe vera, unique Korean aloe cream with deep seawater hydration from Beauty Credit, Aloe 80 Organics Skin Soothing aloe, 98% pure aloe vera super gel by Jason Natural, organic aloe by NOW Foods, professional quality Aloe Care by Roberts Research Labs, Aloe Skin Repair by All Terrain, pharmaceutical grade Aloe Pura gel, Equilibra Aloe Dermo Gel and Intensive Spa Aloe Vera Gel.

Buy gentle, soothing eye, lip and eyebrow tattoo aftercare crams and gels to sooth stinging, alleviate minor itching, moisturize and help heal sensitive tattooed areas.

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Anti Itch

As the brow area begins to heal, avoid scratching or picking scabs by choosing an eyebrow tattoo aftercare product that alleviates itchiness. Help your tattooed eyebrows heal with natural or medicated creams including: gentle Honeymark Anti-Itch Cream to relieve dry skin on brows and lips, natural ThermaSkin Anti Itch Skin Spray Skin Repair by Greensations for no-touch application, and for serious problems with itchiness use medicated Aveeno Anti-itch Cream with 1% Hydrocortisone plus aloe and vitamin E. Choose non-medicated Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion with Shea butter for relief of itchiness caused by dryness. Eliminate the desire to scratch, stop premature flaking and help retain moisture by using the best eyebrow tattoo aftercare preparations.

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Sooth the delicate eyebrow area with calamine and aloe lotion by Aubrey Organics, or choose a cold compress to ease swelling, calm irritation and alleviate itchiness during the healing process. Buy dermatologist recommended French Avene Redness Relief Soothing Cream that provides UV protection with SPF 25 – mild enough even for the days immediately following an eyebrow tattoo procedure. Avene cream is a concentrated formula with Thermal Spring Water that sooths, helps to neutralize redness, reduces swelling and hydrates sensitive skin.

Select other permanent makeup aftercare products for soothing by La Roche Posay such as: fragrance free Toleriane Riche Soothing Protective Cream for sensitive skin types. Browse other products to help alleviate tightness, sooth redness and replenish lipids. Sooth, protect and hydrate your tattooed eyebrows for best pigment retention.

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Shop for a variety of permanent makeup aftercare products that promote faster post-procedure healing. Choose items such as the fragrance-free Triderma MD® Intense Healing Cream that soothes, protects and aids hard-to-heal skin types with Virgin Aloe, vitamins A, B, D and E, oat protein, zinc PCA, collagen and non-greasy moisturizing ingredients. Shop for natural 7 Herb Healing Cream by Bioforce, and try the unique Organic Gold Healing Nutrient Cream by Olive Essence. Natural healing products for tattoo aftercare will sooth and moisturize like The Miracle Healing All Over Skin Cream by Sweet Blessed Bee Magic. Discover the mildly medicated sulfur-based Mario Badescu Healing Cream that helps prevent infection and fight bacteria for areas with persistent redness. Shop for other Mario Badescu products such as lip wax – ideal for cosmetic lip tattoo aftercare. Choose eye, lip and eyebrow tattoo healing products from the experts.

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Permanent makeup aftercare is about hydration – keeping the newly tattooed areas moisturized so pigments have a chance to settle without dryness, flaking or scabs coming off prematurely and lifting color. Give your skin a chance to heal by choosing the best hydrating formulas to keep eyes, lips and brows moisturized during the first crucial days / weeks after a cosmetic tattooing procedure. Select products including: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Concentrates, Emulsions & Boost Essences formulated with a Progressive Release System for optimum day/night hydration. Discover natural Weleda and unscented Avalon Organics products, Neutrogena Dermatological creams and Gojo silicone-free treatments with aloe and vitamin E.

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Permanent eyeliner, lash enhancements, cosmetic lip tattoo and eyebrow tattoo aftercare requires having a few supplies on hand to be able to hygienically apply moisturizers, ointments, creams, lotions, anti-itch preparations and soothing formulas to aid healing, without touching the newly tattooed area with your fingers or using harsh applicators. Two essential items that should be in every tattoo aftercare kit are:

  1. sterile swabs – such as the Swab-Eez lint free swabs that come in packs of sizes from 5mm – 20mm
  2. cotton pads – such as Newmark double-faced, fluff-reduced, textured surface application / removal pads

While shopping for aloe gel, anti-itch preparations, soothing / healing aids and hydrating moisturizers, conveniently add swabs and cotton pads to your aftercare kit.

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