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Products for Daily Care of Cosmetic Tattoos:


Purity facial cleanser by Philosophy

Fresh-looking permanent makeup requires healthy skin. Daily care of permanent eyeliner, cosmetic lip pigmentation and tattooed eyebrows involves cleansing with gentle products appropriate for your skin type. Choose simple one-step Purity facial cleanser by Philosophy, Vitamin C Refreshing Facial Cleanser by Avalon Organics, Natural Herbal Facial Cleanser by Aubrey Organics, Organic Facial Gel Cleanser by Olive Essence or Chamomile Cleansing Lotion from Peter Thomas Roth. Select salon formulated cleansing lotions and astringents by Mario Badescu including his specialty: Acne Facial Cleanser, as well as Seaweed, Aloe, Cucumber, Chamomile, Alpha-Grapefruit, Glycolic Grapefruit and Keratoplast cleansers and lotions.

Discover the latest Ginger Face Cleanser by GO, Fruits & Passion Gentle Cleansing Mousse / Purifying Gel, as well as L’Occitane Olive Tree Organic Cleansing Foam. Even if you have permanent eyeliner, lip liner and eyebrow tattoos, you’ll still need a cleanser to eliminate face powder, eyeshadow and mascara. Use a non-soap product to keep your pores clean, eliminate greasy build-up, alleviate dryness, balance the T-zone, and even control acne. Browse these handpicked daily care cleansing products to help you maintain fresh moisture-balanced skin everyday.

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Toners act to refine, eliminate residue and restore balance after cleansing. It’s important to maintain proper pH during the months following a permanent makeup procedure because skin that becomes dehydrated may lead to flaking and premature fading of pigments. Healthy moist skin, with properly balanced pH levels, helps a cosmetic tattoo maintain its original color. For skin to retain moisture and feel supple after cleansing {especially with a slightly alkaline product that may be essential to eliminate dirt / grease}, the pH levels need to be restored to approximately 5.5, which is somewhat acidic. Toners help do this, alleviating post-cleansing tightness, soothing dryness and preparing the skin to hold moisture.

Choose a product that suits your skin type from the specially selected items that include: Weleda Natural Refining Toner, Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner, Avalon Organics Vitamin C Balancing Toner, Kiss My Face Organic Balancing Facial Toner, Adovia Dead Sea Mineral Toner, and exclusive New York salon formulations by Mario Badescu such as Aloe Vera Toner for sensitive skin. Shop for designer products such as Chanel Gentle Hydrating Toner, Prada Purifying Toner for dry skin, and the latest Japanese SHISO astringent toner {by THANN} that contains perilla {shiso} and algae.

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Maintaining skin hydration is key to permanent makeup aftercare. It’s also the secret to preserving long-lasting color around the eyes, lips and brow area. Oily or acne-prone skin types will want oil-free / oil control formulas, dry skin needs ultra hydrating collagen rich preparations, damaged skin will benefit from boosting the connective tissue with Hyaluronic Acid, A.H.A., Ceramide {lipid molecules}, and combination skin may use something natural like honey, aloe or ginger. It’s wise to select a post permanent makeup moisturizer that includes a sunscreen because UV rays cause cosmetic tattoos to fade.

Ladies who love the sun should consider Clarins Self Tanning, After Sun Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer, or Prevage and Clinique products with various Spf levels. Browse Mario Badescu’s top moisturizers including: A.H.A. & Ceramide / Buttermilk / Collagen / Cellufirm / Oil Free / Biocare & Hyaluronic Acid / Vitamin C Hydro Moisture as well as Honey or Aloe Moisturizer with UV protection. Discover Kiss My Face Peaches & Creme AHA moisturizer and ginger face cream by GO – Energy for the Skin from the Ginger People.

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Facial masks should not be used immediately following an eyeliner, lip liner or eyebrow tattoo procedure, but once permanent makeup is healed, cleansing, revitalizing and moisturizing masks should be an essential part of maintenance. Moisturizing and exfoliating can help keep cosmetic tattoos looking fresh. Oily acne-prone skin types can use the Colloidal Sulfur-based Drying Mask or the Oily Skin Mask by Mario Badescu to help control breakouts. The Super Collagen Mask will gently nourish and tighten mature skin that’s sensitive. Other Mario Badescu salon formulations include: Cucumber, Ginkgo, Enzyme Revitalizing, Special, Normalizing Mask with Cotton Milk, Healing & Soothing, Flower & Tonic, Rose Hip and Azulene Calming Mask.

One product that’s recommended for various skin types is Philosophy Hope Springs Eternal Deep Sea Revitalizing Mask that nourishes and hydrates with 250 deep-sea minerals while purifying with sea salt. Discover unusual products like Premier Dead Sea Instant Stretching & Revitalizing Mask, popular items like Dr. Hauschka Moisturizing Mask and designer face masks by Elizabeth Arden, Givenchy, Clarins and Clinique.

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Anti Aging

Permanent makeup restores a youthful appearance through eyebrow tattoos for added fullness and better shape, lash enhancements and permanent eyeliner to enliven tired eyes, cosmetic lip tattoo outlines to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, and full lip pigmentation so lips appear plumper and more youthful by extending the vermillion border. Permanent makeup maintenance should therefore help preserve the rich color of cosmetic tattoo pigments, aid skin elasticity, enhance tone and provide added firmness. Rejuvenate with daytime moisturizers, nightly hydration, and once every few months apply an intensive treatment like the Premier Dead Sea Anti-Aging Serum Capsules. Daily care may include: Premier Dead Sea BIOX Intensive Age Treatment Serum & Cream enriched with Dead Sea minerals – a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that provides an instant facelift effect. The best anti aging products, anti wrinkle cream and eye cream formulations can be expensive, but there are effective, affordable options such as Ginger Face Serum by GO, under thirty dollars, and Kiss My Face Organic Ester C Serum for under twenty. Find popular anti aging products by Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Clinique, Peter Thomas Roth, Jason Natural, Olive Essence or browse for unusual items like SHISO anti-aging cream from Japan, kits from Natural Sea Beauty and the Premier anti aging products in the Dead Sea BIOX Intensive collection.

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Eye Care

Daily care of permanent eyeliner and eyebrow tattoo pigments is paramount to maintaining long-lasting color. Anti aging products, eye cream serums and anti wrinkle cream formulas should not only reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, but protect and reduce pigment fading for those with tattooed eyebrows and permanent liner. Pigments fade faster when exposed to the elements and when skin becomes dehydrated and prone to lipoperoxide formation. An ingredient called Idebenone {similar to CoQ10} is used in top eye cream perpetrations because it inhibits oxidative degradation of lipids, which means it’s an antioxidant that helps prevent skin from deteriorating prematurely due to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is one of the factors that causes cosmetic tattoos to fade.

Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Anti-Aging Moisturizing eye cream treatment is one of the anti aging products that contains Idebenone. Also choose Prevage Eye Ultra Protection Anti-Aging Moisturizer with UV protection, and other recommended anti aging products including: Kiss My Face Organic Eye Repair Cream, Mario Badescu Ceramide Eye Gel, Lancome Absolue, Biotherm Skin Vivo Eye Gel, Peter Thomas Roth Cellular Eye Repair, Ginger Eye Cream by GO, Garnier Ultra Lift Pro-X, Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale, Christian Dior Eye Creme, Lancome Lifting and Firming Eye Serum, Shiseido Benefiance NutriPerfect Eye Serum, Dr. Brandt Time Arrest Eye Serum and Premier Dead Sea Eye Cream.

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