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Eyebrow Pencils

Choose the best eyebrow pencils including water-resistant semi permanent eyebrow pencil and tint collections from Styli-Style that last a full 24 hours! If you’re not quite ready for an eyebrow tattoo but want a long-lasting semi permanent eyebrow pencil that’s waterproof, you must try Styli-Style’s silicone-based products that go on smooth as silk, and after a couple minutes, leaves a non-smudging color that stays in place even while swimming or engaging in sports. Order Styli-Style Brow Liner 24 in four colors: Taupe, Brown, Auburn, and Espresso, or try the fast-drying liquid Styli-Style Brow Tints in Brown and Taupe.

Looking for a classic Rimmel eyebrow pencil? Shop for the latest Professional Eyebrow Pencil by Rimmel, now with a softer consistency, available in Black/Brown, Dark Brown, and Hazel. If you’ve been searching for a pure Black brow pencil by Rimmel London, it’s been discontinued, but the Black/Brown color is better – more natural-looking.

Shop for Anastasia Beverly Hills products from the hottest celebrity brow guru – Anastasia Soare. Buy professional grooming kits and eyebrow pencil collections including Anastasia Brow Wiz, long-wearing Brow Tint Pen, the Perfect Brow Pencil, Brow Duality, Shimmer Highlighter and Anastasia’s exclusive Brow Fix. Collections also include sets such as: Anastasia Mini Brow Kit, Element 5 Piece Brow Kit, Anastasia Perfect Brows Great Lashes kit and the All In One 7-item Brow Kit that includes pencil, powdered eyebrow makeup, brow gel, tweezers, after-tweeze gel and eyebrow stencils.

Buy semi permanent eyebrow pencil colors by Styli-Style, the latest Rimmel products, and the best of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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Designer Eyebrow Pencil Brands

Choosing the perfect designer eyebrow pencil is easy. All the top brands are in one place – not mixed up with eyebrow makeup or shadows – just PENCILS.

Browse dozens of handpicked products and discover your favorite designer eyebrow pencil brands, even some hard to find items including: Japanese Shu Uemura, Kanebo Media Eyebrow Pencil, Kate products, Shiseido Natural collections in Black, Light Brown, Deep Brown and Ash Blond.

Find popular Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Liner in Dark Brown or Olive Brown, Yves Saint Laurent Eyebrow Pencil Dessin Des Sourcils in a variety of colors including Ebony and Dark Brown, Chanel Crayon Sourcils Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil, Helena Rubinstein in various shades of blonde, Lancome Stylo Sourcils Refillable Eyebrow Pencil, Clarins Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Blonde and Light Brown, GloMinerals GloPrecision Brow Pencil, Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo with brush in Soft Black and Brown, Laura Mercier Eye Brow Pencil in assorted colors, Calvin Klein Brow Definition Defining Brow Pencil for Red Heads, Precision Brow pencils by Kevyn Aucoin for Blondes and Brunettes, Designer Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil in Wheat, Mahogany, Grey, Blonde and Ash, as well as Clinique Instant Lift for Brows {which comes in Soft Brown} and Clinique Brow Shaper {which comes in Wheat, Warm Brown, Taupe and Charcoaled colors}, plus the latest Clinique Brow Keeper in a Honey tone.

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Mineral Eyebrow Makeup

One of the best eyebrow makeup brands is BareMinerals by Bare Escentuals. The pure mineral makeup formulas come in natural colors for every hair color and skin tone including brunette, dark blonde, pale ash and auburn. There’s also an eye brightener for accenting below the brow, under the arch and around the eyelids and an eyelid primer for using before applying powdered makeup.

Bare Escentuals has pioneered and popularized the unique system of mineral makeup starter kits. Most kits include a variety of options, such as foundations, eyebrow and eyeshadow colors, liners, mascara, gels and other products for a total mineral experience. If you’d like to get started, choose a kit with your appropriate foundation color and build a collection from there. Choose a variety of kits exclusively for brows or ones that include products for the face. The kits devoted to brows are called the Bare Escentuals Brow Kits and come with brunette, blonde, medium brown, pale and ash blonde powdered mineral makeup. Each set includes eyebrow makeup, a precision angled brush and a tube of finishing brow gel. Bare Escentuals – i.d. BareMinerals Brow colors {in Brunette, Dark Blonde/ Medium Brown, Pale/ Ash Blonde and rich Auburn} can also be purchased separately in small transparent jars {0.28g}.

Why choose Bare Escentuals mineral makeup?

We recommend eyebrow makeup by Bare Escentuals because their mineral makeup collections are more like skincare than makeup; it’s a healthy option. The company has a philosophy of listening to what women want; of getting back to basics. Their slogan is simple: Love. Understanding. Community. Shop for what YOU really need – just the Bare Escentuals.

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Eyebrow Powder Makeup

Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills salons, creator of the world’s best eyebrow stencils, and renowned as the top celebrity eyebrow shaping guru, offers a collection of products for women to use at home, to shape, color and care for brows professionally. Anastasia’s makeup for eyebrows comes in pencils and powdered makeup compacts, gels and mascaras. Many women appreciate the complete kits Anastasia has put together, some which include: tweezers, scissors, stencils, shaping tools and instructions, as well as duo shades of eyebrow powdered makeup, pencils for defining/highlighting and conditioning finishing gels. All the powdered eyebrow makeup compacts are also sold individually in a variety of shades to match hair and skin tone.

Anastasia Powdered Eyebrow Makeup comes in a compact called Brow Powder Duo with two shades for perfect brow contouring. Choose Powder Duo compacts in Medium Ash, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde {good for strawberry blondes}, Blonde/Taupe and Medium Ash/Medium Brown {ideal for brunettes}. Anastasia also has a Brow Pomade for tinting and setting as well as a brow fix pencil and the Perfect Brow Pencil for outlining, accenting, drawing single hair strokes and complementing the powdered eyebrow makeup duo sets. Select complete Anastasia kits such as the Five Piece Brow Kit, Anastasia All In One 7-Piece Brow Kit, Element 5-Piece Brow Kit, and Anastasia Perfect Brows Great Lashes Kit.

Looking for Kim Kardashian eyebrow makeup?

Kim has had her brows shaped, styled, colored and maintained by Anastasia Soare at her Beverly Hills salon. Some of Kim’s professional makeup artists have also commented that they use M.A.C. products when styling her brows. M.A.C. Cosmetics offers an extensive collection of powdered colors, sold in palettes with dozens of matte or glossy shades in each kit. Single eyebrow makeup colors include charcoal brown and matte brown eye colors – great for brows because they adhere to hair and provide rich texture and color.

MAC eyebrow makeup, specifically designed for brows comes in pens, pencils and mascara-type tubes with spiral brushes. There’s also a liquid pen-style marker used for precision eyebrow defining and coloring. Unlike some pens, this one is easy to control and provides a natural-looking finish. Brow Set is a product that strokes onto the hair and adds a little shine. It doesn’t flake or get clumpy, and comes in clear or tinted formulas. The automatic pencil by MAC provides a way to apply eyebrow makeup and fill all in one. It’s self propelling, self sharpening and offers excellent control. There’s a reason many professional makeup artists choose M.A.C. products when working on celebrity clients – the products are long-lasting and the range of colors is outstanding. Shop for Anastasia eyebrow makeup duo compacts and kits as well as the top MAC eyebrow makeup products.

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Eyebrow Filler with Fibers

Getting eyebrows to appear thicker and fuller is best done using conditioning formulas and growth stimulators, but for instant results, use powdered eyebrow filler makeup, like the products made by e.l.f., or the liquid eyebrow filler with fibers made by Talika called Eyebrow Extender Volumizing Fibers, which comes in Light or Dark Brown. Buy e.l.f. and Talika eyebrow filler with fibers now.

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Divaderme Eyebrow Filler

The number ONE lash extender and eyebrow filler is made by Divaderme – an Italian research laboratory – inventors of the hottest products, offering EVERY woman the ability to have long sexy lashes and thick luscious eyebrows using a patented fiber-fill formula. Divaderme also makes fabulous mascara, semi permanent eyeliners / shadows, and unique lip expanders, but their top products are the lash enhancers and the best eyebrow filler with fibers on the market called Divaderme Brow Extender – also known as Eye Brows in a Bottle. DivaDerme brow extender kits come in Caramel Blonde, Dolce 33 Auburn, Notte 8 Dark, and Paradiso 32 Ash.

To get the best results from this unique system of eyebrow filler with fibers, a gel is first applied to the natural hair. Then, while still wet, natural brow fibers can be added with a wand by patting them into the areas that require filling or gently swiping them across the entire brow area. It sounds like a complicated process, but in fact it’s easy. The brow extender kits are well designed with instructions, and the results are excellent! Women around the world, who have long suffered with thin eyebrows, are raving about the Divaderme eyebrow filler with fibers that can applied in two steps, and lasts 72 hours!. See how easy it is to use:

Divaderm Brow Extender – Two Steps – Lasts 72 Hours

Shop for Divaderme Brow Extender Eye Brows in a Bottle:

Divaderme Eyebrow Products

divaderme Brow Extender (Eye Brows In A Bottle) – BLONDE (ROMANTICA 31)

Eyebrow Gel

To set eyebrow makeup so it lasts longer and help keep hair in place, clear eyebrow gel provides an expert finishing touch. Many gels come tinted, therefore replacing the need for powders and pencils. Some eyebrow gel products come with a wand or spiral brush applicator, others must be applied with an angled brush. One of the top items that’s excellent for protecting and sealing the brows is called Model in a Bottle. It’s a brow sealer formulation that’s ideal for women with wayward hair that needs to be kept under control, and also for those with thin eyebrows who want a defined look that lasts all day. Other professional products include Kate Eyebrow Gel, which comes in clear and colored formulas, and must be applied with an angled brush. gloMinerals has a series of Brow Gels in clear and colored preparations including Brown and Taupe. Topping the list of the best eyebrow gel is the natural Bare Escentuals i.d. Brow Finishing Gel that comes with a spiral wand applicator. Talika makes a conditioning gel called Eyebrow Lipocils Eyebrow Conditioning Gel that’s good for brows and lashes. It can be used with makeup or on its own because it’s a brow treatment with botanical conditioners to help strengthen hair, prevent breakage and nourish hair follicles to encourage eyebrow hair growth.

Lash and eyebrow gel formulations that do more than hold hair in place or help makeup last longer include the advanced formulas such as RapidLash™ from Get Lashes And Brows. Their high performance Enhancing Serum and Free Magnesium Crystal Polish kits help enliven the entire eye area and stimulate lash and brow hair growth. RapidLash kits contain advanced serum with polypeptides for fuller, longer, healthier lashes and brows. If you want more than a finishing gel, but something to curb breakage and strengthen short or weak lashes and brow hair, then Rapid Lash is the product you need.

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Eyebrow Mascara

Eyebrow mascara and mouse are two alternative ways to color brow hair. It’s possible to achieve thickness, volume and control without coloring the skin because the wands catch the hair and color them in the same way that lashes are tinted with mascara. Shiseido, Shu Uemura, blinc and DHC are some of the top brands for a variety of brow mascara and mousse products, some tinted, some transparent.

Choose DHC Eyebrow Mascara instead of gel for a finishing top coat, or Shiseido’s Translucent Eyebrow Shaper for volume and control. Shu Uemura makes an excellent eyebrow mascara called the Ultimate Natural Mascara for brows that’s tinted. Other tinted eyebrow mouse products include the blinc collection that offers auburn, black, dark blonde, light blonde, dark brunette and light brunette shades.

Women with thin eyebrows or fine, light-colored hair will find that using brow mascara is a great way to instantly make eyebrows thicker and fuller. For best results, use a clean round eyebrow brush to separate the hair after mascara has been applied. Brush brow hair gently, then finish with gel, preferably applied with an angled brush.

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Eye Makeup

Need help with:

  • smoky eye makeup
  • natural eye makeup
  • dramatic eye makeup
  • choosing eyeshadow for green, blue or brown eyes

Get all the help you need with instructional tutorials on the hottest eye makeup designs, plus the exact eyeshadow colors to create the look, and the brushes, eyelid prepping formulas, eyeliner, mascara and even makeup remover. Choose the Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals eye makeup kit that’s right for you. Stop dreaming and start creating those smoky eyes, rocker eyes, foiled eyes or natural soft looks using mineral eye makeup. Some of the kits include items for eyes and face, for example: the Bare Escentuals Get Started Eyes Cheeks and Lips Kit comes with 8 essential items. Select your complexion and get all the products to suit your skin tone and bring out your eyes. Choose Rocker Eye, Foiled Eye, Intro To Eyes, Smoky Eye, the Bare Escentuals Girlfriend 7-Piece collection, the Face Fashion Urban Vibe 5-Piece Collection, or All Wrapped Up 6-Piece Eye Kit.

If you don’t need an eye makeup kit with instructions, then select individual eye colors, liners, brushes and accessories including: Eye Contour Shadow Brushes, Bare Escentuals Coffee Bean Liner Shadow, Big & Bright Eyeliner Pencils and a whole gamut of unique Bare Minerals Eyeshadow colors, as well as Big & Bright Mascara, Eye Brightener and Bareeyes Make-Up Remover.

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