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Permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoo procedures enhance eyebrow shapes and fill sparse areas, but unless micropigmentation has completely reconstruct brows that had no hair, shaping, trimming, tweezing, waxing and regular maintenance will still be required. Although natural eyebrow shapes are in vogue, facial hair removal remains an integral part of the beauty process, and having stencils, scissors, razors and eyebrow tweezers are must-haves in every woman’s eyebrow shaping kit.

Choose Swiss-made Rubis Cross Slant Tweezers – precision tools that grasp short, fine hairs and even peach fuzz. Rubis Swiss eyebrow tweezers are preferred by aestheticians because they’re crafted from sandblasted stainless steel with matte-finished slanted tips that grip and don’t slip. Rubis slanted tweezers are professional eyebrow shaping tools – priced around thirty dollars. Choose other affordable products such as Denco Easy Grip Slant Tip Tweezers, Dahoo Multifunctional Eyebrow Tweezers and Tweezerman tweezers that come in dozens of colors and designs such as Tweezerette, Mini Tweezers in lavender/flamingo pink/graffiti pink/night shade/classic stainless steel/animal print/zebra/leopard tweezers, Swarovski Crystal Signature tweezers, Designer Series Betsey Johnson Patterns and the unique Scissortweeze design.

Other products include: Kai Beauty Care Eyebrow Tweezers, Japanese Seki Edge Mini Tweezers, Japanese DHC Precision Brow Tweezers and Denco Easy Grip Slant Tip Tweezers – especially designed for arthritis sufferers. Try a Threading Facial Hair Removal Tool, get a Magnifying Mirror to see clearly while you work, and discover high-tech devices such as Wizzit Electric Tweezers, Emjoi Epilators and battery operated tweezers.

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Women with thin eyebrows may think it’s not important to trim. Don’t make the mistake of tweezing long hairs or allowing them to grow unkempt. No matter how thin your brows may be, eyebrow shapes must be maintained, not by plucking long hairs or by letting them grow wildly, but by trimming just short enough so they lay flat. Attempting to use long hairs to fill gaps is not a good idea. It’s better to trim eyebrows to maintain a natural-looking shape and fill space areas with a pencil, powdered makeup or eyebrow filler with fiber {which sticks to fine hair}.

Women who have enhanced thin eyebrows with a cosmetic tattooing procedure must still trim natural hair to maintain a well-groomed look. Ladies who’ve had eyebrow implants to add thickness {or a full eyebrow transplant to reconstruct the brow}, will find that grafted hair grows unusually long and requires frequent attention. To trim eyebrows expertly, scissors are essential.

Products to choose include cheap stainless steel cosmetic eyebrow scissors for a couple dollars, right handed eyebrow trimming scissors by Kai Beauty Care for around ten, Tweezerman scissors between fifteen and twenty dollars, and Tweezerman Scissortweeze for around thirty. One of the best products to groom and trim eyebrows is the Japanese precision Seki Edge Eyebrow Comb Scissors – priced around twenty dollars. There’s also a funky eyebrow grooming kit by bh Cosmetics called the BH Carekit which comes with a set of light-up tweezers, miniature scissors, brow brush and a magnified mirror.

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Before choosing a blade, it’s important to learn how to use an eyebrow razor to trim eyebrows. Experts use an eyebrow razor to clean-up stragglers and eliminate peach fuzz after tweezing or waxing. An eyebrow shaper razor can remove fine hair that may not be easy to see when tweezing and may be missed by waxing strips in areas close to the brow body, above the brow or around the temples. An eyebrow razor helps leave skin smooth so that foundation or eye makeup won’t cling to tiny hairs. Once you know how to use an eyebrow razor, by angling the blade and working against hair growth using short strokes, you’ll be able to eliminate the tiniest of stragglers. Eyebrow shavers come in various sizes and styles such as straight blades with plastic handles or protected shavers designed to fit the brow region.

The best eyebrow razor designs have straight blades that aren’t overly sharp, just sharp enough to whisk away fuzz or single hairs with a quick stroke. An electric eyebrow razor is another option, however most of the battery operated eyebrow shaper razor devices provide a tweezing action. Electric eyebrow shavers are called epilators, and some of the best include: Wizzit Electric Trimmer Epilator, Bliss Philips Micro Shaver Epilator, and Emjoi Epilator {model AP-17LT} with a single-hair grooming feature specifically for removing stray brow hairs. Choose straight blade eyebrow razor designs for a couple dollars or electric eyebrow shavers between fifteen and a hundred.

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The best way to find an ideal arch that will enhance face shape, complement bone structure and bring out the eyes, is with eyebrow stencils. An eyebrow stencils kit can be used as a hair removal guide when tweezing or waxing for the first time, as a tool for regular maintenance, and as an outline to follow when applying color with pencils, eyebrow makeup or tinting products. For women contemplating an eyebrow tattoo procedure, a stencil kit, with several designs, can be used to try eyebrow shapes before getting pigment permanently implanted. Taking the time to test shapes using eyebrow stencils before permanent makeup is applied, can save a lot frustration and costly mistakes. Although permanent makeup professionals are experienced at creating eyebrows without stencils, it’s important for YOU to know what shape you want and be able to communicate what you desire to a permanent cosmetics professional. There’s no better way to avoid misunderstandings than showing your cosmetic tattoo artists the exact shape you have in mind by presenting your favorite stencil. The best stencils are those created by the eyebrow shaping guru, Anastasia Soare – owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills. The list of celebrity eyebrows she’s designed include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Schiffer. The Anastasia eyebrow stencils kit collections include a basic kit with five classic stencils, a more elaborate Five Piece Brow Kit that comes with stencils, tweezers, powdered makeup, brush and eyebrow gel, and the eyebrow stencils kit with 5 stencils, tweezers, scissors and a carrying case. Other affordable eyebrow shaping stencil brands include: Eyebrowz, Paula Dorf, Fran Wilson, e.l.f. and Ardell.

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Shaping Kits – Eyebrow Waxing

Aside from stencils to achieve beautiful eyebrow shapes, scissors to trim long hairs, tweezers to pluck strays, and razors to whisk away peach fuzz, eyebrow waxing / sugaring kits are essential to facial hair removal for women. Eyebrow waxing helps to maintain a professional-looking shape, even for ladies who’ve had an eyebrow tattoo procedure, because unless there’s a total absence of hair, stragglers will continue to grow in unwanted areas. Eyebrow waxing and shaping kits may provide tools, makeup and grooming aids, or offer pre-waxed strips that can be applied and pulled off without heating. Most eyebrow waxing kits come with wax, applicators and muslin strips; some include a wax warming device. Of all the products that fall under the label of “waxing”, the best ones are not wax at all, but SUGAR. If you know how to wax your eyebrows, sugaring is easy because it follows the same steps of heating, applying with a spatula, pressing muslin strips, and pulling to remove unwanted hair. The difference between eyebrow waxing and sugaring is that it’s gentler and leaves the skin softer.

Try the MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit – a natural formula made from Sugar, Lemon, Chamomile, Water and Tea Tree Oil {comes with reusable strips}, or choose other MOOM formulas with lavender or rose essence. Parissa also makes a sugaring formula with chamomile, aloe or lavender, as well as regular wax kits with strips – some must be warmed, others can be applied cold. Babyliss makes a hair removal waxing kit called Simply Smooth that includes a wax warming device. Try Hair No More – an eyebrow shaping system that doesn’t require sugar or wax – a complete hair removal kit that eliminates unwanted facial hair and acts as a hair growth inhibitor. While shopping for waxing, sugaring or hair removal cream preparations, browse eyebrow shaping kits with tools such as Tweezerman Mini Brow Rescue Set or the 10-in-1 Professional Eyebrow/Lash/Nail Set.

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Lash & Eyebrow Tinting

If you have permanent cosmetic eyebrow tattoos to fill sparse areas between grey or light blonde hair, or if you have an eyelash enhancement {where pigment has been deposited in the lash line}, you’ll still want to use a lash and eyebrow tinting product to darken natural hair. Eyebrow dye not only adds color but tends to make hair appear thicker and fuller. Tinting can be done once a month to eliminate the need for mascara and to dispense with using eyebrow pencils and powdered makeup to enhance brows. Choose professional quality dyes designed specifically for eyelashes and eyebrows so they’re strong enough to provide rich natural-looking color, yet gentle enough not to irritate the eyes. Refectocil is one of the top names in eyebrow tinting products for professional and home use – manufactured by a German company that’s been making dyes since the 1930’s – offering eyebrow dye that can be custom blended. Colors include two shades of brown, blonde, graphite, black, blue-black, chestnut, red, and blonde bleaching paste. Refectocil also has eyebrow tinting kits, some include a tube of dye, a bottle of oxidant and a mixing dish, and others are starter kits with 6 tubes of dye, Oxidant, eye protecting papers, skin protecting cream, mixing dishes, applicators, and stain remover.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting supplies {such as protective papers and stain remover} are also sold separately. Tintocil is another company with a line of eyebrow dye including auburn, blonde, brown and black. Godefroy tinting kits are also recommended because they come in pre-measured capsules for fool-proof mixing, and 28-day eyelash tinting kits that condition with vitamins A, C and E. Another option for ladies with hard-to-dye hair is Roux Lash and Brow Tint. Remember to read instructions carefully and protect skin before using any eyebrow dye or lash tinting products.

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